At Summit Preparatory Charter High School, the Expeditions team offers a class that goes to the Riekes Center to work out. On March 14, students from Everest Public High School and Summit Preparatory Charter High School participated in the National Walkout Day to protest gun violence.

The class has all grade levels, from ninth to twelfth. Students work out and build a community, not just with themselves, but with the faculty members as well. The faculty members help students try new exercises and push their boundaries.

“I really enjoy the Riekes Center because it’s an amazing community and an amazing group. Everything about it was pretty fun, and, since it’s like a gym and a community, they show you multiple things: not just how to work out, but they show you about the outdoors, rapping, books, arts, or whatever you like,” Summit Prep senior Luis Delgado explained.

See below for a video explaining more about this walkout: