Summit Shasta Journalism Team in a press conference with Congressional candidate, Cristina Osmeña. PHOTO CREDIT: Alana Tutasi

Ms. Osmeña came to Summit Shasta on Aug. 23 for a mock press conference with students from the journalism class. During the press conference, Ms. Osmeña offered her opinions and policies about fiscal conservatism and immigration control. She also gives a bit of her own personal history.

Ms. Osmeña is fully aware that her beliefs as a Republican and as a minority stand out from the crowd. When asked about the Michael Cohen case she said, “As a candidate and an outsider, I don’t want to second guess the legal process.” Ms. Osmeña also brought up a point of saying that she would not necessarily defend the president in his actions.

Ms. Osmeña walks into the journalism room and the press conference is about to start. PHOTO CREDIT: Alana Tutasi

Ms. Osmeña talks to 2 teenage girls about their Filipina Heritage and joining her press club. PHOTO CREDIT: Alana Tutasi

Ms. Osmeña has said that because she is full Filipina and a political refugee, she realizes the struggles that most minorities and immigrants face, but still stands strong on her own values of keeping the border secure. Throughout the mock press conference she continues to push forward the idea of minorities and how a “district full of minorities” should be represented by one.

Similarly to her discussion during the press conference, she showed consistency when compared to her website, which states: “Undocumented immigrants who came to America as children through no fault of their own should be offered a path to legal status.”

As well as a strict border, Ms. Osmeña constantly brought up the topic of fiscal conservatism and keeping the government in check, making sure it is fiscally responsible and held accountable.

She pushed the importance of having a fiscally responsible government and how that will affect the economy and more specifically the district she is running for, district 14. In particular she mentioned the housing crisis has been a huge problem in the Bay Area. Ms. Osmeña explained that voters in her district have paid for the economic downfall, referring to the economic despair in 2008, with the rising cost of their houses.

If elected, Ms. Osmeña would push to “come up with a solution for the world from district 14.” She would strive to secure more funding for the Bay Area as well as lower taxes, as district 14 pays a “disproportionate amount.”

When asked why voters should consider Ms. Osmeña for the representative of their community, she said, “Because I will listen to you, because I will be there for you to call.”