On Nov. 6, residents of the city of Belmont will have a very important decision to make. Three seats are open on the City Council, but four candidates are running. Candidates include incumbents Warren Lieberman, Julia Mates, Charles Stone, and newcomer Deniz Bolbol. Read the stories below to find out more about the candidates.

Charles Stone is from San Mateo County in California. He’s lived his life in Daly City, San Bruno and before moving to Belmont with his family. There, he began taking notice of the issues in the city, and he decided he needed to do something about it.

Mr. Stone is a graduate of UC San Diego. He obtained his law degree from University of Santa Clara. He is the owner of a private practice and works as an attorney in the greater Bay Area, based in Belmont.

He began doing volunteer work, and he was then elected to the school board. He ran for council for the first time in 2014, winning a seat.

Since his community involvement has often involved children, he has a very youth-friendly lens for looking at issues, and he often thinks of the future when tackling difficult problems involving development.

Mr. Stone has a very pro-development standpoint, advocating for more housing projects including low-income housing across Belmont. He also advocates for higher sales taxes to help pay to fix Belmont’s failing infrastructure, including its crumbling roads.

Mr. Stone also plans to bring more business into Belmont, as he has already seen the building of a Mercedes dealership and Crystal Springs Upland School. Mr. Stone has plans to build a vibrant downtown in Belmont, which is one of the tenants of the Belmont specific plan.

Since Mr. Stone is running for re-election, we asked him what he would do differently this time around (if he is the chosen candidate). His response was that he would definitely attempt to work more collaboratively than years prior and that he would try to break the status quo and breach barriers. He also mentioned how he prides himself on becoming a part of a council that people wish to emulate.

Quickly following his answers to what he would do differently, we asked him what he would do the same. He said he wanted to keep his time focused not just on Belmont issues but state and county issues too. He also mentioned how if re-elected he would have extended time to fix things like the sales tax going from 10 to 12 percent.

Charles Stone

After that we asked Mr. Stone if this year specifically had big things on the ballot. He responded by explaining that governing requires individuals who understand how to compromise and how to disagree without being disagreeable, adding that “the current council is like that.” indicating that the current council attempts emulate that ability to compromise. He also states that “the county has all sorts of plans.”

He also talked about his competition. He stated that there are no “niche groups” and that stereotypes of NIMBY old people aren’t true. He also stated that he has no specific demographic he is aiming for and mentioned how younger people could affect him as much as older ones.

This will be Mr. Stone’s second time running for council. He’s currently running alongside three other candidates for three seats on the council. The election will be on Nov. 6.