Kids are pacing around the classroom in a circle, walking in different ways. The teacher selects a student with a unique walking style and asks the rest of the class to mimic the way the student treads around the classroom. Afterwards, students are asked to walk around and bump into different people and continuously change the way they walk in order to match the person they recently bumped into.

Keith Brown, the Stage Combat Expeditions teacher at Rainier, explained that the purpose of this activity was for students to acknowledge that there are different characters and people in the world; He says there are ways to become these different elements by adapting to your surroundings.

When asked about the role of art in a society, Mr. Brown said, “It’s the soul; it’s that simple… that’s where the reminder that things are beautiful come from. That’s the reminder that this is important. Art is: it can be everything, and it can be one specific thing.”

Other teachers and students also mentioned passion being a big part of art and described how that passion can spark inspiration during different Expeditions courses. Naomi Crispino, a Rainier senior and Drama student, mentioned that, “Being in class I found that it was something that I was really, really passionate about, and throughout my whole high school years I just kept finding myself being drawn back to being in the class because of how free and expressive you can be in that class.”

Passion is expressed in multiple ways in Rainier’s visual and performing arts Expeditions courses. Students with a deep passion for art express themselves during these art Expeditions courses by getting involved in the different forms of art that inspire them.

Visual arts is one form of art offered at Rainier; it is art in the form of ceramics, drawings, paintings, crafts, designs, photography, and many more genres of art that express one’s ideas. Some visual arts Expeditions courses offered at Rainier include: Intro to Visual Arts, Intermediate Visual Arts, Video Production and Multimedia Political Journalism.

Performing arts is the other form of art offered at Rainier; this is when artists use their voice, body or inanimate objects to convey their own artistic expression. Performing arts Expeditions courses offered at Rainier include Stage Combat, Intro to Drama and Creative Writing as Performance.

Both visual and performing arts are distinct of each other since they have different key components. Mathew Scicluna, the Intermediate Visual Arts Expeditions teacher at Rainier, said, “Core differences between visual and performing arts are one’s using the body, body language, and movement in space compared to visual arts is more putting art onto a surface or you’re creating art through sculpture.”

At Rainier, students in both visual and performing arts can express themselves in different, unique ways. Art is great way to express one’s self, rather than sitting in front of a computer all day long. Some people forget how beautiful the world is. With all the types of art in the world, people find what they love and do it.

An article According to the Old Jail Art Center comparing the similarities between visual and performing arts spotlights the unique features of each form of art by saying, “In both art niches, you can convey cultural messages. Visual art can depict historic places on canvas or through photography, whereas, performing arts can display cultural stories through dance and also through constructing scenes of long ago on a stage. Song and Dance are usually main ingredients in cultural tradition.”

According to it says, “All forms of art are unique and different. Depending on the given message, artistic expression is expressed through emotional sensibility experienced directly in the process of artistic acts of perception, interpretation, creation, and reflection; all of which make each and every form of art beautiful in its own way.”

Students are constantly inspired by the world around them and have a way of expressing that inspiration through art, whether that be visual or performing arts: one deals with expression through movement, and the other shows expression through portraying art onto surfaces. Both are significant; they have many differences, however, they bring students and teachers together.

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