On Nov. 6, residents of the city of Belmont will have a very important decision to make. Three seats are open on the City Council, but four candidates are running. Candidates include incumbents Warren Lieberman, Julia Mates, Charles Stone, and newcomer Deniz Bolbol. Read the stories below to find out more about the candidates.

This fall, on Nov. 6, Belmont will have its City Council election. There are three available seats with four candidates running. The candidates include Charles Stone, Warren Lieberman, Julia Mates and newcomer Deniz Bolbol. Ms. Bolbol is a Belmont community member who wants to see active change in her community after feeling let down by the current council.

Ms. Bolbol is the only candidate who is not an incumbent. Ms. Bolbol explained why she decided to run for city council during a phone interview. Ms. Bolbol explained, “I got involved because someone came to my door and told me what was going on in City Hall…I went down to a council meeting and saw how things were being run. The current council is not responsive…this council is not being respectful to the majority of residents and instead has their own idea.”

Ms. Bolbol was raised in Belmont and wants to give the residents of Belmont more of a voice. “My only objective here is to give everyone a voice because I think democracy is much stronger when we have a marketplace of ideas.” She explained that a free exchange of opinions means that “all different ideas get to come to the surface and then we can find the best idea.”

Deniz Bolbol

When asked about what issues she’s most concerned with, she said that over-development was an important issue for her. Ms. Bolbol believes that nature and open spaces are an important part of why people love living in Belmont. She argued that a push for over-development will have unintended consequences. “What are going to be the implications for infrastructure when we add 1000 or 500 or 300 new units? What’s going to happen to the schools when we add more kids to a classroom? What’s going to happen to our traffic when we add ‘x’ many more cars? Those are the questions that need to be asked.”

Ms. Bolbol said, “Another issue that is really important…is Cal Fire ranked Belmont as very high in wildfire risk…one thing we’d like to see is the city get really proactive about present wildfire tragedy…you can do a lot of things to protect residents and to prevent minimize the risk.”

According to Public Alerts, there was a large wildfire in Marin County which is in the Bay Area. The alert stated, “Marin County Fire is responding to a 5 acre Vegetation Fire in the area of Samuel P. Taylor State Park. Difficult access. 0% contained.” Marin County is about 60 miles away from Belmont.

When asked how being raised in Belmont affected her political goals, Ms. Bolbol said, “Well, you know, I love Belmont-so it’s probably a little more personal because I grew up here.”

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