About Summit News

Summit Public Schools students have the opportunity to enroll in two Expeditions classes per year. These immersive elective classes meet four times a year for two-week cycles. The journalism class is offered at six schools: Summit Tahoma, Summit Rainier, Summit Prep, Summit Shasta, Summit Denali, and Summit Everest. Elizabeth DeOrnellas serves as the publication adviser for this online news site. You can contact her at edeornellas@summitps.org. For more information about Summit Public Schools, please visit their home page: www.summitps.org!

This website is entirely student made by one to two webmasters at each school. We have varying programming experience, and have come together to create this website for the Journalism class. We started at Shasta, and the website has been passed on from school to school, getting added onto by each webmaster to become the website you see today. Thanks from the Shasta webmasters!